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Now it is your opportunity go further and incorporate 12 powerful audios with easy-to-follow exercises  to awake 100% of your confidence and revolutionize your sexuality, intuition and body.  

Start listening the  
CONNECTION KIT from anywhere. 


Do  not lose the your chance!

Start today and access these powerful practices I created for you. You won't find a place where you can get all of those together for the price I am giving it to you!

Access the 12 powerful audios for only $7 dollars!

Actual Value: $97 dollars

Save 90%

CONNECTION KIT is based on the three pillars of
body, sexuality and intuition guiding you in the exploration of each

of them through practical and effective exercises.

You will amplify your ability to perceive, feel the subtle information you receive from the environment, and will also increase your magnetism.

What matters is for you to experience yourself so you can start knowing yourself in depth.


Everything I teach in my Advanced Programs applies for your daily life and you can put them on practice and make them yours!


You are the magician, let me accompany you with the 11 audios that you can start exploring at your self-pace.


Start transforming your reality by transforming your inner reality.

And for the next 2 days, you can get lifetime access to this kit.

Access for only $7 dollars and save 90%

Actual Value: $97 dollars

What will you experience?


You will start taking coherent and assertive decisions using the guidance of the intelligence of your body. 


You will amplify your subtle senses.


You will allow your energy to flow, reducing energy drainage.


You will release blocked energies to feel more secure in your body.


You will give yourself permission to feel pleasure to increase your magnetism, capacity for attraction.


You will harmonize your energy field.

Mock up Kit de conexion.png

the audios you will receive are:

  • About body wisdom

  • Audio to connect with Mother and Father Cosmos

  • Audio to connect with the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air

  • Audio guidance for listening each dimension of your being

  • Audio guidance for practicing loving self-touch

  • Audio to connection with your Yonni

  • Audio to connection with your Womb and to clear the energies within 

  • Audio for recognizing your lightbodies

  • Audio for heart connection practice

  • Audio for clearing your intuitive channel

  • Audio to harmonize your chakras

  • Audio to practice energy recognition thru your hands

Access for only $7 dollars!

Actual Value: $97 dollars

Save 90%!

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