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Testimonials - Private Sessions



Hoy me siento más conectada con mi ser, con más seguridad aceptándome como soy. Me siento más mágica.

El mayor beneficio ha sido una mejor relación conmigo, con mi madre, con el mundo espiritual, saliendo de las limitaciones a la abundancia.

Lo que más me gustó e impactó es darme cuenta del poder esta dentro de mí.


Participante del Programa del Templo Interior

Carla Rodriguez.jpeg

Carla Rodriguez, Energy Healer

“The experience I had in every course I participated has been extraordinary. It has been a great opportunity to expand my knowledge, remember and more than that, to find thru the experience what I was seeking for so long. What your heart guides you to follow and live from there has been the best that I found and cannot be described in one word.”

Gaby Esquivel.jpg

Gaby Esquivel, Stress & Anxiety Coach

"The Dance of Freedom has been a gift from me to me. It has helped me to release the voice of demands, doubts and fear. It allowed me to live from joy and freedom. Each encounter was a  space of non-judgement, a space to connect with my body and soul-a space to quiet the voice of my mind."

Carla Heilbron.jpeg

Carla Heilbron, Fertility Mindset Coach

"Life gave me a great gift when I met Denisse. Through her courses and her private sessions, she has guided me to amazing trips where I recognized my creative energy, cut chords, healed patterns within myself and my ancestral tree, connected with my heart and intuition which has taken me to live with a new vitality and clarity. Thank you Denisse for your caring and loving way to guide me and accompany me on this journey."

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Lily Ortega


Testimonial Lili.jpeg

“My experience working with Amalai has been warmth, transformational and revealing. I can say that the work she does is adapted to each client. Her discernment and the way she teaches and explains helped me to comprehend concepts I heard before without understanding them. 

The methodology she uses is dynamic and effective. The themes and topics shake you off, confront you, enabling you to go back to your  essence.  It peels you off of the covers of your fears and limitation so you can reencounter with yourself, with your true-self.  She gives you reflections and an action plan for your individual work. 

In summary, what I value most about Amalai's work, is the dedication and commitment for our conscious evolution. She gives you the foundations first, then the tools for you to learn, enabling you to use them independently, whenever you need, in your daily life. 


¡What a great gift! If you truly desire to go through a profound transformation in an integrated way, then you are in the perfect space, here with Amalai.”

Marta  Madrigal

Costa Rica

..I was able to forgive others and myself about so many things..

“I recommend Denisse, as it has been one of my best spiritual experiences and emotional. I was able to forgive others and myself about so many things that I thought I already forgave but on the deepest part of myself they were not.  Today, I can say that with her support I feel free and fulfilled 100%.”


Anna  Katarina



..brought healing, clarity, and much needed grounding for me..

"I had such a beautiful session with Denisse that brought healing, clarity, and much needed grounding for me. She does such beautiful and powerful work and it was an honor to receive her care!"

Picture Cris Arbenz (1).jpg

Cris  Arbenz

“Denisse is a great person and professional, who will transmit safety, clarity and serenity on each conversation. Regardless if the session was face to face or via web, each session is always very personal and deep, as much as you allow yourself to be.  Awakening to the present, travel thru time to conceal and be creative and free in relation to the future. Denisse has guided me to know myself more, to stop looking for who I am and just allow myself to be”. 

Jennifer Leon

Picture Jennifer Leon.jpg

"Excellent experience in Psych-k therapy, I managed to overcome a condition that had 5 years of working in psychotherapy, it is incredible the connection that this technique makes with the subconscious mind and also the sweetness of Dennise and her vocation definitely greatly favor the process. I'm very happy. Infinite thanks !!"

Pic Gustavo Montoya 1 (1).jpg

Gustavo   Montoya

“With Denisse’ support, I have learned techniques that has helped me to overcome daily situations that life brings in a different way. Denisse has an extraordinary energy and connection with universe, her workshops and coaching sessions are fully recommended”.

Victoria Vines

Health Coach, TX, USA

"Working with Denisse is simply magical! She has a very loving, grounded, and safe presence. She combines humor, spirituality, and wisdom into her sessions in a way that is both eloquent and relaxed.

In relation to the issue I wanted to work on with her, I started out feeling heavy, burdened, and confused when I thought about it. By the end of the session, I felt light, happy, and excited to move forward! We used PSYCH-K® to transform the internal resistance I had to the goals I had in mind to achieve. She was patient and loving with me when some intense emotions surfaced and she gently talked me through exactly what to do to get to the other side of them. We talked about an action plan as well so now I have some easy, attainable steps that I can take to reach my goals in a reasonable amount of time. I highly recommend working with Denisse!"

Patricia Gamez 

Director - Costa Rica

Denisse takes you to a shinning level!!! Loved my session with her and how positively impacted me! Looking forward for another one soon!!! Thank you Denisse❣️

Diego Ulate

Costa Rica

“Great support, I have been trying to get a job for a long time, many interviews and nothing. Denisse gave me a good coaching session on how to face the interview which was my problem and how to sell myself. The next interview I went, I got the job”.

Jonathan Zamora

Musician, Costa Rica

"I only had one opportunity to receive a session from Denisse. On this, she showed me deep aspects of myself that were bringing me down for so long and that I was not able to see them by myself. This only awareness that were unconscious, gave me peace. The truth is that I was surprised that in only one session we accomplished so much. Thank you Denisse.

Jessica Arroyo

Project Manager, Costa Rica/USA

"Psych-k totally blew my heart and my mind! Once Denisse offered her help, I wasn’t expecting any results at the beginning. I was going thru situations that were draining my energy and just kept me in constant worry. Denisse Psych-K technique helped me to find the bottom of the health challenge that we were facing, it was in seconds that transported me thru the past. It all made sense! to find the root cause... I became conscious which lead us to the healing journey. I could tell the physical change immediately with the persons involved, it was like night and day, I could feel the immediate connection with them and how the healing started.  

I consider that Denisse guidance was the key in my Psych-k experience, her wisdom and softness made me feel so confident in the entire session. Thank you Denisse! Can’t wait for more to come"

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