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Terms & Conditions


When you have doubts about the terms of the contract, you can permanently, easily and free of charge consult the following clear, understandable and unequivocal information on the conditions of contracting the services and/or products offered on this website:

  1. The language available for contracting services is Spanish and English.

  2. The products or services offered byAmalai (Denisse Torres) they can be paid on the platform of your choice PayPal or Udemy or ThriveCart or Hotmart. In the event of any failure that arises when trying to make the payment, please write an email with subject PURCHASE FAILURE and explain what the failure consisted of. You will receive a solution as soon as possible.

  3. In the case of sessions: With the confirmation of receipt of payment you will receive a link to access the corresponding calendar to schedule your session.

  4. When you purchase a service or digital product on this website, immediately or at the latest within 24 hours after Amalai (Denisse Torres) is notified of the payment, it will send confirmation to your email, therefore, it is essential that you verify that your email has been written correctly.

  5. Please read the following recruitment vocabulary carefully. If you have any questions or clarifications, write an email with subject DOUBTS/CLARIFICATIONS CONDITIONS OF CONTRACT and Amalai (Denisse Torres) will resolve them as soon as possible.


Data processing | If you contract any of the services offered on this website, you will receive communications about new information, sales and/or promotional offers (that is, those that include gifts or prizes or discounts and contests or promotional games), all of them will be duly identified and clearly explained at the time. At the moment that soyou want and You can exercise your rights regarding the processing of your personal data, with the agreementat privacy policy specifications.

Seller, instructor and Author of all the Courses and their Contents|Amalai (Denisse Torres) is the seller with tax domicile address: Los Principes Condominium A303 Guacima Abajo, Alajuela, Costa Rica and contact From now on, the seller is the one who acts as the owner who will provide access to the course of her Authorship.

The seller has created all the contents of each of the courses offered on this page, she is in charge of developing them in their different sections and lessons, she is also the beneficiary of the corresponding payment.

Price| To access the content of the course, workshop or Program of your choice, you will have to pay the corresponding and current price on the corresponding sales page.

Payments in installments| When they are allowed, they will be specified by the seller on the sales page. Buyer agrees to complete all payments on time.

Payment Methods|PayPal and Stripe (Credit and debit card).

For buyers in USA the price is calculated with VAT included.

Buy and pay |It is the act by which the buyer or customer pays the price established at the time of purchase.for Access the course of your choice.

Buyer or customer | It is the person who through PayPal, credit or debit card... (according to your choice) pays for access to the course, workshop or content of your choice offered bythe seller.

Object of the contract. Personbuyer the customer pay the set priceto access the Product or Digital Product for one year, that is: The Program, Workshop, Course, Ebook... (one calendar year counted from the day of purchase), with all its updates and exclusively enjoy the contents and materials of the vendor, either by viewing, listening to or downloading them (according to the settings pre-established bythe seller). This year could be cut short solely for reasons of illness, accident or death of the seller that make it impossible to fulfill the contract. In such circumstances the contract shall be terminated.

The buyer or customer who pays the price established for asession whatwill have a duration from 45 to a maximum of 75 minutes, for this, you will obtain a place on the agenda ofAmalai (Denisse Torres) date, time and access to hold the confidential meeting.

In the case of access toGroup Program or Live Group Workshop, the client or buyer who pays the established price will enjoy access to the contents as specified in the following section, in addition, if the Program or workshop includes access to a special group, read the corresponding section carefully.

In any case, the corresponding description and coverage is detailed on the sales page of each service or product.

Access to the contents| Once the payment is confirmed, Kajabi or Hotmart asks the client to create an account with a username and password to access the contents. Upon completion of registration and successful payment,the client You can immediately access the course.The client You will need to register, save your username and password generated in ThriveCart or Udemy, because it will be with these data that you will enter the platform and therefore the purchased course.

In the event that the client loses or forgets his password, he must enterThriveCart o Udemy.

The vendor reserves the right to accept or reject any customer who pays for their courses, either due to legal and/or personal reasons (signs of unfair competition, etc.).


The seller may reject a payment and/or access or block a client's access to its content due to indications of unfair competition or prior delinquency or communication problems, lack of respect, errors or any situation that the seller foresees may cause tension in the business relationship.

Guarantees|The buyer must make sure to generate a user linked to the email in which he wants to receive access to the product.

Access to the product is confirmed by ThriveCart or Udemy through a communication sent to the email registered by the buyer within 24 hours after the purchase.


If the buyer does not receive said access within the referred period, they must send an email indicating as subject I HAVE NOT RECEIVED ACCESS TO THE PRODUCT, in this case, the seller will give top priority to your email to solve the failure.

When the buyer has not correctly registered his email receipt of the product, he must wait up to 10 business days for the seller toThriveCart o Udemy make the corresponding arrangements and give access to the correct email.

Support | Only the products that so specifyat the moment of the purchase have a comments section so that customers can ask their questions, if the buyer wishes to expand the individual explanation of the courses, they must hire an individual session.

Group sessions |The Programs, Courses or workshops that are offered on the sales page will include group sessions that will be held in the zoom rooms that the seller enable for such effects, the session is not individual (unless there is only one member in the group).

Personal Use |The content and materials of the product or service are for the exclusive and personal use of the client, its sale, reproduction, alteration, modification, harmful or commercial use is prohibited, in any national or international market, any type of disclosure, reproduction, sale or alteration must be authorized in writing bythe seller.

Offers, discounts or promotions |These are Promotional Sales that are made for a lower price or under more favorable conditions than usual in order to promote the sale of certain products or the development of this or other Brands.

When they are carried out, they will have a specific duration and special conditions apply. The previous price (the normal price applied in the last 30 days) will appear next to the reduced price.

Coupon | It is a word or set of words that the buyer can enter in the purchase section of the same name, to enjoy a reduced price, so using a coupon or discount will imply the effects specified in the offer section.

Expulsion of the contents | When the buyer engages in any unfair competition tactic, that is, acquires or transfers data and information in any way, related to the intellectual property ofthe seller for themselves or for another person, in order to evade payment, resell their content, create confusion about their digital products and/or services, denigrate or use the prestige, authority and trust ofthe seller to favor oneself or another professional in the same area, will be grounds for expulsion from the course(s) acquired, in the same way it will proceed in case of any lack of respect towardsthe seller. In these cases, the refund of the purchased course will not proceed and the unfair customer must prove with photographs and videos the destruction of all downloaded materials.The seller reserves all its rights to demand the rights it deems appropriate, as well as notify the corresponding authorities in case of presumption of criminal and/or unfair acts.

Confidentiality and rules in the digital space of the Program, Course or Group Workshop| Said digital product will be developed on Facebook. The client who accesses accepts:

Respect the privacy and confidentiality of the participants. To be part of the group requires mutual trust. Honest and open conversations are still confidential and private. The information, conversations and data that are shared in the group must not leave it, that is, they must not be disclosed or published.

Do not store data.  Do not store the data of the participants as it is an illegal and reportable conduct. Neither encourage participants to participate in products or groups that can be confused with this one.

It is forbidden to send private messages to members. Do not contact group members outside of the group for any reason. Any form of external contact is not authorized by the seller (also Group Administrator).

Not unfair competition. Neither carry it out, propitiate it, nor promote it.

No Reproduction or Confusion. It is forbidden to make and offer other products similar to this one and especially as a copy of it. © All rights to the content of this group belong to the Service Provider.

No individual consultations, this is a Group Program.

Do not externalize or publish or share or divulge outside the information or data that is shared in this Group. It is forbidden to externally share the publications, comments or any data of the participants of this Group.


All content, conversations, information and data are confidential.

Respect. Disrespect the Administrator and the participants. It can be a reason for expulsion or early elimination without the right to a refund of the payment. The expulsion will be decided by the Administrator.

©Content Rights of Amalai (Denisse Torres). It is forbidden to copy the post and images, store, save or share them, nor can they be reproduced, recorded or take screenshots or photographs. The contents enjoy ©copyright.

Confidentiality | Amalai (Denisse Torres) seeks confidential treatment of all matters and personal data of clients with whom it celebrates a service or product. Likewise, clients regarding the know how and show how of Amalai (Denisse Torres).

Agenda | They are the dates and times available to carry out an event. It only includes the days and hours published in the calendar of Amalai (Denisse Torres) visible to the public.Amalai (Denisse Torres) take into consideration that you may have to attend to the time change from one country to another. If you have any questions or suggestions in this regard, write an email to

Failures| It is possible that the internet connection or the Zoom platform failed when carrying out the corresponding event, if the failures persist during the first 15 minutes of the event, the event will be RESCHEDULED.

Reagents| When FAILURES occur, an email will be sent to the client within the following 48 hours in which they will be given access to the public agenda to reschedule the event on the day and time of their choice.

The client will receive in his email, directly or a link to access the corresponding form, for its prompt completion, if possible within 24 hours after receipt, so that the seller is able to formulate the previous study which is essential to your job. Occurring up to 72 hours prior to the appointment, without the client sending the previous form answered, it will be understood that it is their wishanswer during the confidential meeting with the decrease in time that this implies to address other issues.

Punctuality | Punctuality is requested in the scheduled event. A courtesy of 5 minutes will be granted, that is, the client has 5 minutes after the appointed time to appear at the session. If you arrive on time, you will also have 5 minutes of courtesy after the specific time that marks the end of the session (extending more than 5 minutes of courtesy will be counted as an extra hour).

NOTICE IMPEDIMENT to ATTEND the confidential meeting, above all, the client is requested to have respect and understanding for the work of Amalai (Denisse Torres), if you know that you will not be able to attend the appointment, please cancel up to 12 hours before the meeting is to be held, stating via email your legal and/or physical impediment to attend (or by another means if the haste justifies it), otherwise do so and do not attend the event, it will be the responsibility of the client to request a new meeting at Amalai (Denisse Torres), for this you must write an email and expose your REQUEST FOR A NEW APPOINTMENT.

On the other side, yes Amalai (Denisse Torres) does not notify the person advised within the previous 24 hours that the confidential meeting is canceled and does not send the link to hold the EVENT, they must proceed within 48 hours to reschedule the confidential meeting. Both parties must agree on the dates and times, within the professional agenda of Amalai (Denisse Torres).

Absence| ABSENCE will be declared if the client does not attend the confidential meeting, as long as there is no email showing that the event was canceled within the 24 hours prior to its celebration. 


SESSION TIME: It is not possible to extend more than 60 minutes a session per day. Therefore, the maximum duration of an event is 60 minutes without the option of extension.

It will not be possible to reschedule a new event (regardless of the reason for non-payment) until any pending is settled (in the case of a pack, one session will be deducted from the total, if any are in force).

Reschedule the service| 48 hours prior to the event, it is possible to assign a different time and date of the previously reserved event, for this, the client will have to send an email to with subject RESCHEDULE SERVICE, state your reasons and request a new date, if you have a tentative date and time, please express it in the email.

Transmission to different person| Services are personal and non-transferable. Once the payment is made and the name of the client of the corresponding service or product is given, they cannot be transferred to another person.

Expiration | By this definition it is understood: When the event is cancelled, 12 months elapse between its postponements (because of the client); when for a reason caused by the client a meeting is extended for a year without actually being held. This will be grounds for terminating the contractual relationship subject to these conditions. The expiration year will start counting on the day the service that causes the expiration is contracted, declaring to calendar year of said contract.

Early termination | When the client engages in any unfair competition tactic, as well as transfers in any way data, information, intellectual property of the seller to another person with the purpose of creating confusion about the services ofAmalai (Denisse Torres) or denigrate or use their prestige to favor another professional in the same area.Amalai (Denisse Torres) reserves all its rights and will notify the corresponding authorities in case of presumption of criminal acts. Lack of understanding between the parties and lack of respect for the seller will also be grounds for early termination. Finally, the agreement will be terminated when the withdrawal proceeds. 

Termination of service | The contracted service will be terminated, when the purpose of the service is fulfilled. Alsowhen it incurs in expiration or in any cause of early termination.

The client is reiterated that all improvements and modifications, ideas and additions, that warn about any content of Amalai (Denisse Torres) as well as all the works that derive from these, are their Property. Therefore, access to products, downloadable and content part of a service or product, are of exclusive use of the buyer, therefore, non-transferable and non-tradable under any circumstances

Return|Returns will only proceed in products paid at normal price, that is, when they are not paid under any discount, promotion or special offer. In addition, the return will proceed when requested within 5 calendar days from the day of purchase. Refunds of the payment made will only be accepted in the following cases:

  1. When the seller cannot Documentally demonstrate having sent the email with access to the Product despite the fact that the customer has correctly registered their receipt email during the purchase.

Returns will not proceed:

  1. When the customer registers erroneous data at the time of purchase and does not contact the seller to report the failure.

  2. When the purchase is not completed correctly and the payment is not received by the seller.

  3. When the buyer has not reviewed their SPAM folder to confirm that the email with access to the product is in said space.


Obligations of the client in a proper return:

Destroy any downloaded content, copied or saved in any way on any device. Do not use any content of the claimed product in return. Do not slander, insult or make statements that may affect the image of the buyer or the BrandAmalai (Denisse Torres) before this event.

Regardless of the foregoing, when the return is appropriate andentail access to content and/or downloads will only be refunded after 50% of the total value paid (for the processing of the chosen payment method, expenses, procedures and applicable concepts).

limits|The seller cannot be responsible or grants guarantee that the product or service purchased meets the customer's needs; that her quality as an Instructor, method and techniques are what the client expects and the results in any sense for the client.

From this moment the client releases the seller from the payment of any amount for damages or losses caused by the use of its content.

Complaint | If you have purchased a service or product on this website and wish to make a claim in this regard, you should send an email to in which you refer your name, postal address,attach copy of your identification and explain the reason for your claim. The claim will always seek a friendly and non-contentious route.

Designate another beneficiary|Exchange or change of beneficiary of the services or products other than the buyer is not allowed.

Modification of these conditions | Amalai (Denisse Torres) reserves its right to modify these conditions at any time. Purchases are subject to the conditions in force at the time of payment.

Conflict resolution | Any legal dispute that may arise as a result of this notice will be will solve in the Courts of Costa Rica.

Acceptance of terms | If you, as a user and/or client, use this website, it means that you have read, understood and expressly accept all the terms set forth above. The correct way to express your disagreement is by NOT using the service by not browsing, not buying and not subscribing to any product or service offered on this website.


Thank you for considering my message! If you agree with this section, reply to my comment on Instagram/Facebook #amalailove + I agree

Onwards pour it out your User Content and Amalai (Denisse Torres) hereinafter "I" or "we", wish to agree to the use of your photographs, text, graphics, moving images, sound, illustrations or any other content, including associated metadata or location information (along with your biometric data, your profile name, city, social networks, referred to as "User Content") that you posted and are sharing with Amalai (Denisse Torres) that you mention in your comment or post or story.


By responding that you agree, you authorize me to use your User Content as follows: You grant me a license to reproduce, display, publicly share, edit, distribute, modify, sublicense, and otherwise use your User Content in connection with any website or social media channels ofAmalai (Denisse Torres) for other digital marketing purposes ofAmalai (Denisse Torres), including, but not limited to, email marketing, digital, mobile, and/or other communications with customers, subscribers, and fans.

This license to your User Content is non-exclusive, which means that you can use your Content for your own purposes (as long as it does not encourage unfair competition or a bad image of Amalai (Denisse Torres)). 


This license to your User Content that you are granting is granted royalty-free, which means that you will not receive any economic benefit. In addition, this authorization will take effect in any country in the world. Finally, this license granted is perpetual, which means that it is for an indefinite duration. You agree that: You are of legal age, in full use of legal powers, and are the owner of all rights to your user content or, alternatively, you are empowered to grantAmalai (Denisse Torres) the rights described above.

You understand and agree thatAmalai (Denisse Torres) will not pay you for the use of your User Content as set forth in these Terms. You represent that your User Content does not infringe the intellectual property rights, privacy rights, publicity rights or other legal rights of any third party.

Amalai (Denisse Torres) You decide whether to deny or agree to use or delete User Content for any reason. You agree that said decision will not be notified to you.

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