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Akashic Records

and quantum alchemy

The Akashic Records keep all the information of your Soul. Everyone can access your records, as long as they have done their own inner process and opened their heart chakra.


Most Akashic Records courses only teach you how to access this library, ask for guidance, guidance and information. Already the fact of opening your records will generate a change inside you, if you are ready.


In this training of the akashic records, in addition to accessing the reading of the soul's records, you will also learn to bring into energetic harmony and coherence (heal) traumas, toxic patterns, relationships, implants, that are related to a past life, a transgenerational event, etc.


Some of the benefits you will enjoy after this course:


  • You will increase your confidence in your psychic abilities

  • You will accelerate the strengthening of your intuition

  • You will solidify your channel with the source, the universal energy and your spiritual guides

  • You will nurture your self-knowledge and foster your personal and spiritual development

  • You will elevate your vision and perspective from the frequency of your Higher Self



This training will activate your divine I AM  channel to receive the codes that will strengthen the connection with your I AM Presence and guides as well as access a quantum healing system.  This training is taught in 3 gatherings of 3 hours each, plus 2 extra questions and answers sessions. 

You will also, learn three quantum techniques to clear conflicted experiences, increase your awareness and expand your consciousness to support your self-mastery.

The workshop gifts you with:

  • Attunnement with your I AM Presence

  • A healing framework, quantum alchemy based on the law of forgiveness and grace;

  • Practicing 3 healing protocols with the point of consciousness, through the chakras and direct alchemy

  • Learning the 14 levels of consciousness evolution;

  • Opportunities to practice with your 14 chakras, the subtle bodies and the levels of evolution,

  • Activation of the luminous mind (8 tubes of light)

  • Activation of the luminous heart;

  • Alignment of  the luminous heart with the luminous mind.

  • Practicing an  intuitive reading.

  • Reading the akashic Records and receiving guidance from your light team 

  • Key Technique how to protect your vibration and the space

  • You will learn about larvae and entities at a basic level,

  • Calibration to access to your akashic records,

  • Easy strategy to enter and close your akashic records

  • Learn how to clean your connection channel.

  • A comprehensive practitioner’s manual

  • Certificate of training achievement to 1st Degree in Akashic Records and Quantum Alchemy

  • Ongoing support

As a healer working with the I AM Presence, you will access to divine healing and guidance,  offering a wonderful service to yourself, humanity and the planet.

Workshop fees:   $497.00 

Workshops are held regularly. They are usually 2 options. 3 consecutives mornings from 9am till 1pm or afternoons from 5pm till 8:30pm  (Costa Rica Time)

A non refundable deposit of $100.00 is payable at the time of booking the workshop, with the balance due 1 week prior to the start of the workshop.


This workshop is available to those that completed Level 1.  


If you are ready to progress in your practice, personal growth or spiritual development, or if you want to start offering soul-readings with quantum alchemy, then this is for you.

This workshop is facilitated over two group session, one private session and  two-extra sessions for questions and answers. This practice is a powerful experience not only on expanding the inter-dimensional or cosmic soul readings for the other person, but also because it lays the ground for a deeper quantum alchemy experience.  

The gifts of this workshop include:

  • Activation for gaian, cosmic and inter-dimensional readings

  • Activation for accessing the soul origins

  • Accessing companies' akashic records

  • Accessing earth akashic records

  • Healing with the energy of the pleidian-lemurian capsules

  • Healing with galactic and cosmic healers and scientist

  • Healing with crystalline geometries for brain repattering

  • Learning how to hold sessions to others and practicing

  • Learning more about Implants and entities

  • Key coaching tools for a powerful session

  • Advice on how to facilitate readings and healings for others

  • A comprehensive manual and 6 recording sessions

  • Certificate of training achievement to 2nd Degree 

As a Level 2 practitioner, you will attune yourself to support others in their consciousness expansion and in their power for healing.  The most important intention of this Level 2, is to learn how to bring order and harmony in the other souls bodies.   Your Divine I AM Presence will support you and will curate the whole training.

Workshop fees:   $650.00 


These workshops are held from time to time and cover two sessions from 5pm till 9pm

A non refundable deposit of $150.00 is payable at the time of booking a workshop with the balance payable being due two weeks prior to the start of the workshop


Te preparás para soportar a otras personas y para la calibración de ellas en los niveles 1 y 2. 

Recibirás toda la información de maestra de Registros Akáshicos y de Alquimia Cuántica para que puedas apoyar los procesos a otras personas.

Fechas por definirse.

Anchor 1
Leaf Pattern Design

coming dates - OCtober, 2022

Level 1:  Tuesday 11th, 18th & 25th from 9am till 12:30 pm


Level 1: Tuesday 11th, 18th & 25th from 5pm till 8:30pm
Level 2: Wednesday 27th & Thursday 28th from 5pm till 8:30pm

frequent asked questions

Do I need to have previous experience?

​No! ​

This course does not require you to have previous experience in any healing modality. It is suitable for anyone who resonates with them and feels ready to answer the call to reconnect with their inner healer. ​ ​


I don't know about angels, does that put me at a disadvantage? ​


Not at all, rather it gives you the advantage that you have direct experience in working with beings of light, without any previous informative record from another person. The angelic reiki course is not only directed to the work of the angels, it also includes working with other beings of light, 100% light that will come to support healing. These beings can be ascended masters, galactic healers, some ancestor or the divine source itself. ​ Over time, you will develop a relationship with the beings of light, beginning to reveal themselves one by one. ​


Will I receive any support after the training? ​


You will be part of joining the monthly follow-up meetings where we will touch on a relevant topic to continue expanding our knowledge. This topic can be about the angels themselves, past lives, ancestors, or any question that has arisen among the students. You will also have the option of affiliation to the student community.

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