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Self-Love or Self-Esteem?

Self-love and self-esteem. These are two terms we often use to refer to the combination of perceptions, thoughts, feelings or evaluations we have of ourselves, but do they mean the same thing? Stay with me to continue discovering the origin behind this word and the weight it carries with it.

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The origin of self-esteem

The etymology of the word self-esteem is composed by auto which means by oneself and esteem, which comes from the Latin aestimare which means to value, to appraise, to evaluate, and this related to a monetary value. For this I want to remind you that in ancient civilizations there were slaves, and they were sold for the value they could provide through work on the land or how they could serve the "owner", from there, historically we began to put a value to the human.

Since then is that we began to ask ourselves what is our worth, and in most cases this is influenced by external opinions, by society or social group with which you surround yourself, where the value is based on how good you are in a particular activity or how you are economically positioned, what clothes you wear, the watch brand, shoes, wallet, etc..

Does self-esteem really exist?

The value that society places on the individual often impacts the self-esteem of many. However, let me tell you that self-esteem does not exist, it does not really make sense. It is a big lie created by ourselves, humans.

"It's just that there is no way we can discuss the esteem of a human being, of a living being. No one has more value than another. There is simply no way. You are a fractal of the source, you are pure essence."

Can we change the perception of ourselves?

Of course we can do a thousand things to change the perception of your worth, we can work on releasing past traumas, beliefs, etc. I am constantly doing cleansing on these issues, because many people experience it as a wall, and as much as they understand this mentally, they have not integrated it at the cellular, atomic level. However, let me tell you with all the love in my heart, the first step is to recognize that self-esteem is created in columns of sand.

You are pure essence

Breathe and receive this with your whole being. Begin to recognize who you really are, beyond the constructs created by society and the beliefs you may have unconsciously nurtured.

I repeat:

"You are a fractal of source, you are pure essence."

If you are interested in continuing to build your self-love, I invite you to awaken your inner magic and pure essence in 5 days for free by clicking here.

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