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Self-Love: How to connect with yourself?

Self-love is an act of self-will in which we decide to accept ourselves, to value ourselves for everything that defines us as people. It is a concept that is more linked to our relationship with our personality, our physique, behavior and attitudes; however, how can we achieve this connection with ourselves? Connecting with ourselves implies connecting with the love we feel for ourselves, what we know as unconditional love, which from now on I will call INFINITE LOVE.

Join me in reading this article and we will discover the freedom we can achieve through infinite love for ourselves. At the end you will also be able to download our free guide of Self-Love: Awaken your inner magic in 5 days, to connect with your essence, free yourself from your fears and allow the light within you to shine.

Energy of Infinity

When you connect with the energy of infinity and the eternal, you connect with an abundant, ever-present energy that embraces all that is and all that exists free of judgment, free of shapes and forms. Yes, this love teaches us radical acceptance of who we are, what is, and what will be, free of judgment, free of expectations, free of what you have or have not achieved. It is free of any measures, because it is not something we have to struggle to achieve, it is something that is there latent within each of us, within each of our cells.

What makes you feel that you have no self-love?

The absence of self-love is mostly caused by our ignorance of who we really are, and many times it is social constructs and other people's beliefs that cloud our vision, has it ever happened to you?

Spirit (universe, source, God, whatever you want to call it) recognizes your authentic desire to connect with your self-love and will walk with you through each day to get you there. Love is an expansive word that allows you to recognize who you really are, in the multidimensionality of your being.

"Self-love is really seeing you for who you are, the truth of your being, your essence."

So what is it to feel self-love?

To feel self-love for ourselves is to see that wondrous being, that fractal, that spark of source that you are. Self-love is recognizing yourself as divine essence; however, for many of us, we have to walk different paths to really see the majesty that we are.

How do you express your self-love for yourself?

Depending on where you are, you can experience it in different ways, here are a few:

  • Giving yourself permission to know yourself.

  • Creating spaces to discover yourself, spending time with yourself, nurturing the different areas of your multidimensionality: mind, body, emotions, spirit, sexuality.

  • Radically accepting yourself with compassion.

  • Loving your body.

  • Love-your-own-how-to-connect-with-yourself-allowing yourself to pause.

  • Saying "No" without needing to explain.

  • Saying "Thank you" when you receive a compliment or recognition without justifying yourself.

  • Forgiving yourself if you think you said something or reacted in a way that was not ideal.

  • Releasing the guilt you carry for what you didn't do or didn't have.

Tell me which ones you are already practicing and which ones you find more difficult. In case you want to refine your INFINITE LOVE, I invite you to be part of the 5 days to awaken your self-love, by clicking here.

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