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If you are curious about past lives, read this

I want to tell you about one of the therapies that have fascinated me for a long time and that finally, I have decided to facilitate as part of the services I offer: "Quantum Healing Regression Therapy".

I call it "soul therapy" which is performed through deep relaxation exercises and hypnosis, which allows, on the one hand, to relax the nervous system and, on the other, allows the brain waves to calm down into theta waves, and in this way , the conscious mind relaxes to not intervene or filter the information that will be provided by your subconscious mind and your supraconscious mind.

So, what is Quantum Healing Regression Therapy?

This is a therapy for the soul, because it allows a deep change in your being. Your subconscious mind can transform behaviors, behaviors, situations or conditions in your present life that may have been limiting or blocking you. Thus he frees himself from the need to recreate them; and also, it brings clarity about what actions and changes are important that you implement in your day to day.

In other words, in most cases, it helps you solve problems in your present.

When examining the information and interpretation that emerge from the regressions, people experience a positive and almost immediate change and I feel it is important to mention it; and it is that it certainly contributes to personal growth and development.

Whom is the quantum healing regression therapy for?

Most of it applies for people who want to solve and / or learn about one or more specific problems of the present. We can mention among them; the fear of heights, of the sea, even of having trips by boat, of the dark, also conflictive relationships between couples, between parents and children or relatives. Likewise, constant headaches or back pain that have not been solved for a long time, etc.

There are also people who out of curiosity want to make a regression, others consider that this can allow them a greater knowledge of themselves and therefore contribute directly to growth and development as a human being.

What should you know before doing quantum healing regression therapy?

You must be very sure of two things:

- You want to do it and you are determined to do it

- Define who you want to do it with

These two things are essential to achieve the desired success.

According to what I have read, it is said that of all the people who attempt a regression, 70% succeed and 30% do not; (and maybe this is a question you have), but keep in mind that the why is not clear, and the information on this sample universe is not available either. Dolores Cannon, who has guided these processes for more than 40 years and has taught hundreds of people, mentioned that she has never had a case of a person who could not be hypnotized. She only mentioned one person that thought he couldn't be hypnotized, but ended up succeeding on the second attempt. As Dolores Cannon says, the most important thing is the trust that is created between the person and the facilitator.

During a regression, the person can remember or observe dramatic events that can help you: overcome pain, guilt, anxiety and fears, rediscover the sense of responsibility, understand our parents and other close people, release emotions repressed and heal wounds of the past, improve the meaning and purpose of life, become people where you can choose what to respond, instead of reacting arbitrarily driven by impulses. In this way, it paves the way for self-knowledge.

You do not need to believe in past lives, the truth is that many times, people have come to my practice and say they do not believe, and then, something emerges from a past life and solves problems they have. The most important thing is that you feel to do this therapy, so ensure you bring an opened mind with you to enjoy the experience.

Why is it called "Quantum Healing Regression Therapy"?

Because not only do you regress to past lives, but you also have a conversation with your supraconscious (higher self) and subconscious to get answers to questions, and request the necessary healing.

How is a "Quantum Healing Regression Therapy" carried out?

The person is requested to bring a list of questions. It is better to come prepared.

A session of this therapy is divided into 3 stages:

  1. Get to know each other: This is a space that might seem like an interview, but I really like to see it, like a space where two people speak for the first time and begin to tell each other about their lives (although here the spotlight is not from the facilitator! !).

  2. Zen Moment: Here is the part where you go to bed, relax, and allow yourself to go on a trip and visit another time and space that is appropriate and meaningful to you. The Zen moment, I usually divide it into 3 stages:

  3. Past lives: Here we visit 1 to 3 lives, depending on the guide we receive.

  4. Visiting death: This experience, from the observer, helps you release the emotion of crossing this threshold. No physical emotion or sensation is brought into your present.

  5. Wisdom and healing of the supra-conscious and subconscious

  6. Integrating your wisdom: At the end of the session, once again fully conscious, we bring the most important points to reinforce and so that you can notice your learnings and new ways of seeing your world, or even validate what you already knew. Many times, there are people who come and tell me that they already knew, but only after the session, are they certain of the way forward and are in another vibrational state.

Some people ask me if there are any contraindications to quantum healing regression therapy.

My answer is that there is a lot of misinformation and a lot that is unknown; However, having experienced it on different occasions, and with clients, I have learned many tips to keep in mind.

What I can suggest is that you do it with someone with experience in the healing arts.

During the healing we make sure that the lives you visit remain in the time and space you visited and that for no reason they cause an impact on your present life, neither on a mental, emotional or physical level. Even if you listen to the recording, it will be from an observer space and only to collect learning or resources.

If you decide to have this quantum healing regression therapy with me, it will be my pleasure to join you in these sessions. I am passionate about accompanying people on this journey where their wise and healing self emerges, free of filters.

You can contact me by email, or book a session below:

Book your session here

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