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What if all emotions were expressions of a single emotion?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

In the article Enough of repressing your emotions !, I shared with you the importance of recognizing the emotions we feel, free from judgment; and how this can bring us benefits for our health. Today I want to share with you a new perspective; I want to ask you to pause your beliefs for a moment so that you create openness when you read this proposal, which can possibly change your reactions to some emotions that today drain you energetically, that deplete you.

What you have to do?

Just as you do when you go to the cinema to see Superman, or Spider-Man where you suspend your logical mind, allowing you to believe for a moment that this is possible and real (otherwise, you would not find any sense in the film), in the same way , give a chance to what I want to share with you.

So, rest your logical mind and with curiosity, read this article.

A few weeks ago while reading the book "A Course in Miracles", I read a paragraph that led me to reflect on guilt. And this, we also speak in neurolinguistic programming that says that guilt is something created by the mind, which does not add to you, but subtracts to you. A Course in Miracles also mentions that it is a man-made emotion that only creates greater separation; however, when we realize that this is only a mental creation, then it becomes the path of salvation, the path of rediscovering our freedom.

So my reflection was: What would happen if for a moment we contemplate that all emotions, ALL, are expressions of a single emotion: LOVE?

Only that some emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, to name a few, appear to remind us how to recognize them and to see their counterpart, the other side of the coin. They appear, as part of the "purge" the conditioning and beliefs that we had maintained; and when they appear, our role is to accept them, and love them, so they will pass away and leave our body.

Now when that conflict of feeling those emotions disappears from our system; by the law of cause and effect, those situations that arouse these emotions lose their electrical charge and appear less and less because we respond in a different way, since we are not rejecting or avoiding them; then here the vicious cycle of continually creating those emotions is broken.

We are in parallel, creating new neurological pathways within your mind, increasing our options and moving towards unity.

We begin to love all of our emotions, and above all we begin to accept them. We accept that both options are present simultaneously, such as the effect of what was the chicken or the egg before? Both are. It is not one before the other, but both exist simultaneously.

And at the same time, we are changing our nervous system, telling it to relax, you don't need to go into a state of emergency. Each cell in your body is also recording this information, and your heart opens to begin the process of transforming past memories stored at the cellular level, this begins to happen in an organic way.

Now, connect with your heart, and receive this affirmation: "All emotions, including sadness, anger, shame, guilt, fear are expressions of love, they want to show me the path of liberation from past memories of lack of love, and thus create more space to receive emotions of love such as peace, serenity, joy. "

“Every emotion I feel I accept it, and I accept the gift that it brings with it. I accept that when impatience appears, compassion appears simultaneously; that when fear appears, it is just my system making space because it is simultaneously receiving love. "


And now repeat the affirmation in three ways:

  1. From the mind (intellectually),

  2. From the heart (repeat it expanding your heart, feeling love and radical acceptance),

  3. From the body (feel every word from every cell of your body).

Thanks for reading me, and for giving this information a chance.

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