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Enough of suppressing your emotions! Expressing emotions brings benefits to your health

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Yes, enough! That I repeated to myself, while I repressed my fears, my anger, my sadness to express themselves freely. I had just undergone an operation, where a wart was removed above my vocal cords, I was aware that I had to face one of my biggest fears and express them, give it a voice; to stop this constant problem that was going down my throat. Constant hoarseness that I had never suffered before.

As a child I did not usually express my anger, anguish or sorrow, I felt that it was not appropriate. He felt that he would be a burden on others. I used to be silent, I thought it was not necessary to speak them; becoming a habit. Also, I was unaware at that age that I was accumulating memories not digested by my body. Today, as a Transformational Coach and Energy Healer, I have many clients, men and women, with challenges similar to mine. Nowadays what happens is that many times my clients do not recognize the emotion they are feeling, or what to call them, causing levels of stress, anxiety and for many of them, depression.

When you are a child, especially between 0 and 7 years old, the memories that are kept is the emotional charge that the event represented for you. You are creating referential models, which, in the future, your system validates the event that you are going through with the referential models created, triggering the emotions or reactions experienced. All of this happens quickly and unconsciously in most cases. That is, the memory of your muscles, thoughts, emotions, and even the biochemicals that you are generating are triggered. There are people who have developed a high level of self-observation who can observe these behaviors and break the pattern.

My proposal today, as a first step, is that you start practicing giving voice to your emotions, recognizing them. And if you don't know what emotion you are feeling, then acknowledge the sensations in your body.

The main benefit is that you are going to start experimenting, it is initially allowing yourself to digest those emotions, and thus not accumulate them in your system. A practical example is that you imagine spending days, months or years of being constipated; what would happen to your body. This happens because the digestion process is not working well. The same thing happens to your emotional body when you do not allow yourself to digest your emotions, impacting your physical and mental body.

What other benefits will you bring to your life?

  • It will improve communication with your body where you will intuitively begin to understand its needs.

  • You will increase your intuitive ability. The instinct is in our intestines, which, by freeing them from emotional charges, can give you clearer guidance in your day-to-day life.

  • Improve your relationships, as your emotional intelligence will increase. By being able to listen to yourself, then you will be able to listen to others and understand them.

  • Increase your prospects capacity. By acknowledging your positive and negative emotions, and giving them a voice (without judgment); You give a message to your neural system that having positive and negative emotions is okay, so it increases your ability to see your experiences from different angles.

How can you practice it?

Invest in yourself, at least 3-5 minutes a day every night, and begin to identify the emotions or sensations that you felt during the day. Make sure you don't write more than 5 lines.

I share an example below:

12-April-2020 AM: I felt like something was bothering me, I had a pressure in my throat. PM: Emotion - Anxiety. Night: Excitement- Anxious.

We are constantly thinking and feeling different emotions throughout the day; no matter how much you want to believe otherwise.

Practice this for a week, a month and tell me how it went. This is one of the steps on your path of personal transformation.

Thanks for reading!





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