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Angelic Reiki is for you, read why

What is Angelic Reiki?

It is a modality of quantum healing channeled by Archangel Metatron to Kevin Core. In this multidimensional healing, the Angelic Kingdom is your guide to being the channel for the Divine. You become the bridge of Heaven into Earth, supporting your evolution, or as some people call it, your ascension. If you are reading this, you have heard the call to join us and bring to Earth the Divine Mind.

Angelic Reiki is not only a high vibrational healing method, but a tool to expand your awareness and supporting you into mastery your own life. This course help you awakening the divine within yourself. This is not just for healers, but for you, if you feel the call to expand your ability to hold more light within your physical body.

Why would you like to be attune to this divine frequency?

This is a way to remember your divine self within, and to start attuning with your soul, allowing yourself to express your soul song in your everyday life. In other words, it is time to remember your angelic self.

This attunement will activate your cellular, molecular and atomic body into your original and divine pattern of vibration. Your spiritual body will start playing the main character of your life instead of your emotions or mental body.

On the other side, I believe in empowering people through helping them awaken their healer or expanding their healing capacities acting as a catalyzer. Attuning yourself into this frequency, you’ll become a beacon of light to other earthlings, your intuition will heighten, you’ll find easier to get into harmony and peace, to name a few.

What are the meanings of each level of Angelic Reiki?

In each tuning, you’ll receive around 3 extra symbols each, will activate your DNA, and the remembrance of information from your life in Lemuria and Atlantis. Also, you’ll learn additional techniques and experience in more depth all the knowledge about the ascended masters, symbols and angelic kingdom.

Briefly, during level 1, you’ll learn to awaken your inner healer, to connect with source frequencies. You will practice the connection with your intuition and gain confidence receiving messages from the light beings. At this level, you’ll learn: self-healing with your healing angel, home clearing, object’s attunement with angelic energies, healing using your third eye and how to give distant healing.

During level 2, you'll learn how to give healings to other people following a protocol. Some healing techniques that you’ll learn are: Healing with the Ascended Masters, Healing with the Galactic Healers, Multidimensional Healing which includes all past lives and/or parallel lives.

During level 3, besides receiving additional symbols in your molecular, cellular and atomic body, you’ll learn, two (2) additional healings techniques, and you will learn all about the symbols that are used in each level, plus experiencing them in your body.

Finally, during level 4 and mastery, you’ll learn two more healings techniques and you’ll receive all the information on how to attune others, how to open a sacred space, how to clear the space prior workshops or sessions, and much more. The beauty of this level is that you’ll learn all the behind the scenes for all levels.

Definitely, whether you decide or not to teach Angelic Reiki, your clients will experience a deeper and more expansive healing, your intuition will heighten as well as your clairs. This was definitely one of the best gift I ever gave myself.

Why should I study the 4 levels?

When you learn something to teach (even if it is not your initial desire), and with the mindset to share it with someone, then you start embodying what you’ve learned and it becomes part of you.

Studying the 4 levels will not only amplify your connection and communication channel with high frequency dimensions, but you will also become a channel wherever you are, being a high frequency instrument with your mere presence.

If you have read this article, it is very likely that there is an internal call, and you would like to remember or wake up what has been asleep for a long time.

The time is NOW, and you deserve to fully unlock your potential and become the song of your Soul. If this keep ringing within yourself, feel free to join me to any of the coming angelic sessions attunements.

My heart is filled with joy to have cross paths with you.

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