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 MEET & ATTUNE your divine POWER
the I AM presence

your i am presence is always with you, in every step of your life. 

You are able to access this higher wisdom and feel the embrace, support and guidance along the journey of your life.

You will realize that you were never alone. 

You will feel its presence, love and support.

Everybody that has opened their heart to love, is able to access their I AM Presence and channel its guidance as well as feel its presence.

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the first clear message from my

i am presence:

"Everything is going to be Okay"

I felt held and supported beyond understanding from my mind. Even my mind surrender to this reassurance I received from the deepest part of myself.

I feel this connection as if the whole universe is supporting me. 

Yes, I know you know this. I thought I knew, too; but it was all in my mind, it was a cognitive understanding.  

For the first time, I felt and still feel it in every cell of my body, the certainty flowing through me.

Since then...

I ask for guidance for my daily life. The connection and conversations becomes closer and closer.

Even the Akashic Readings trainings and readings have shifted as now everything is through this channel that curates everything as this is a higher frequency.

The I am presence is your higher consciousness in a higher frequency.  

Join to the coming Masterclass to awaken the connection with your Divine I AM Presence.

what you'll get:

  • You'll learn what is your Divine I AM Presence

  • You'll connect with your I AM Presence

  • You'll start recording and recognizing your divine connection with your I AM

  • You'll get a simple and effective practice to cultivate your relationship with your I AM

  • You'll learn to channel your I AM and ask questions and guidance

  • You'll learn to ask for requests to your I AM 

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próxima fecha

26 de Octubre de 2022

Hora: 6:30 pm a 9pm Costa Rica

Inversión : 97USD  

Promoción 2x1 disponible

próxima fecha

26 de Octubre de 2022

Hora: 6:30 pm a 9pm Costa Rica

Inversión : 97USD  

Promoción 2x1 disponible

frequent asked questions

Do I need to have previous experience?

​No! ​

This course does not require you to have previous experience in any healing modality. It is suitable for anyone who resonates with them and feels ready to answer the call to reconnect with their inner healer. ​ ​


I don't know about angels, does that put me at a disadvantage? ​


Not at all, rather it gives you the advantage that you have direct experience in working with beings of light, without any previous informative record from another person. The angelic reiki course is not only directed to the work of the angels, it also includes working with other beings of light, 100% light that will come to support healing. These beings can be ascended masters, galactic healers, some ancestor or the divine source itself. ​ Over time, you will develop a relationship with the beings of light, beginning to reveal themselves one by one. ​


Will I receive any support after the training? ​


You will be part of joining the monthly follow-up meetings where we will touch on a relevant topic to continue expanding our knowledge. This topic can be about the angels themselves, past lives, ancestors, or any question that has arisen among the students. You will also have the option of affiliation to the student community.

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