Activate the power of the universe within you so that you can embody your true self and start creating your reality

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"...enjoy of a better relationship with myself, with my mother, with the spirit world; moving out from the limitations into abundance."

"I feel more connected with my essence,  more confident and accepting myself as I am. I feel more MAGICAL!

The biggest benefit has been to enjoy of a better relationship with myself, with my mother, with the spirit world; moving out from the limitations into abundance.

What I liked and impacted the most was realizing that the power is within me."

Macarena, Spain

If you are one or the other, will you remain just desiring for the change to happen without taking action? or will you become the CEO of your life, the Queen, the Sage and manifest the life, job, relationships  you are yearning for?

Giving your power to your limiting stories, internal dialogs, the voices of your parents, the programming of your lineage, the hidden vows, the addictions, the self-punishment program (I could keep listing things) will only intensify the feeling of being trapped in a maze with no exit.  Are you planning of losing the opportunity of seeing the fullness of who you really are and who you can become?

How long are you planning to wait?

If you are ready to take the next leap in your life, profession, relationship;  it is time for you to explore yourself deeper and get your answers, first hand. 
It is time for you to go directly to your inner source, to your inner temple and access your magic within.
Let's be honest!  We are usually trying to move away/escape from something or we are looking towards a new highest experience.   Which one are you? 
  • You are looking to move away from a difficult situation that is limiting you reality

  • The sentiment of emptiness is still present even when surrounded with people

  • You feel disconnected from your body

  • You are afraid of missing out or be left out but it drains you trying to be omnipresent

  • It's difficult to negotiate your salary,  value or honorary

  • You feel stuck and not moving forward or taking the next leap in your business

  • You want to improve your relationships in your professional, personal and romantic life

  • You feel unworthy, not deserving to receive everything you have and more?

  • You want to get clarity in your inner guidance to support your life transition 

  • You are determine to amplify your voice and be heard

  • You know you are not broken but want to stop feeling it

  • You are ready to release the doubt in yourself and start trusting in you


UNLEASH Your Magic

You can have success, love and harmony in your everyday life. 

It is time  to create space, upgrade your programs for embody your highest potential and become your luminous self.  Bringing together the science and the mystic, the old and the new, the energy and the matter together will enrich your life and facilitate the integration of your multidimensionality.

Imagine and  feel...

  • The pleasure of your magnetism, your sensuality, your intuition, your intelligence and your creative and alchemical magic

  • The joy of creating a life 100% congruent with your where you establish the rules of the game.


  • Your confidence amplified as you accept and embrace the lightness of your being.

  • The freedom and satisfaction for your radical authenticity in all areas of your life.


  • The pleasure for being all that you want to be with no restrictions; the queen, the maiden, the sage and the witch, all together enjoying yourself, your body and  sexuality.

  • A life trusting your intuition, instinct and inner guidance, free of the fears and blocks that were holding you back.

Meet  Yesika and Margarita

If you are reading this, then you are part of the new generation of leaders, visionaries, healers and innovators ready to revolutionize the world from within!

You are meant to be a lighthouse of love and to shine unapologetically.


The quantum transformation journey starts from your registration to the program.  


This is a vortex of self-healing, self-discovery and self-exploration so you can find your own truth and what works for you, uncovering layers and layers of programming, so that your essence express more through your body and your reality.

During 12 weeks,  you will receive weekly contents that will expand your perspective, your mind and your being.


In addition, I will lead weekly gatherings where you will experience everything you learn through your body,  this is a 90% experiential.

You will learn practical tools for your personal use, cultivate your self-confidence and even create your own tools, your own magic and alchemy.

All this with my accompaniment in this experience of expansion of consciousness and evolution.

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Let's do this together!

We have created different options for you to join this transformational vortex.


  • 48 lessons, 12 modules (includes the meditations, alchemy, techniques and recorded practices)

  • 12 workbooks

  • 12 worksheets 

  • 12 week diary



  • Access to Chakras course

Some of the many benefits you'll enjoy:


You will be happy to feel your confidence amplified as you accept and embrace the lightness of your being.

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You will feel freedom and satisfaction for daring to be authentic and genuine in your relationships, business and personal life.


You will enjoy being the creator of a life, 100% aligned with your essence, daring to establish the rules and limits of the game.

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You will be pleased to own yourself 360 degrees, growing in self-love and gratitude for your body and sexuality.

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You will enjoy the pleasure of your magnetism, your sensuality, your intelligence and your creative and alchemical magic.

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You will be in alignment with your purpose and satisfied with the sense of connection and belonging.

These are just some of the things that you will delve into during the 12 weeks journey.

The full experience covers the 5 pillars for transformation

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our 12 week journey:

Every Monday a module will be published, and Thursdays at 11:00 Costa Rica will be the experience sessions.


Opening ceremony and intention

RECORDED SESSION: You will learn and do an ancestral shamanic practice from the Andes, Jaywaircuy to offer and thank Mother Earth, and also to make intentions. It becomes a powerful and meditative practice.

Jaywaricuy ceremony and intentions.


ALIGN: The origin and hermetic principles

RECORDED SESSION: I will share my vision of the origins so that you begin to become familiar with: The void and consciousness; Light, form and sound; the unified quantum network; higher self and soul; consistency; the world above, here and below (Hanan Pacha, Kay Pacha, Uku Pacha). Anchoring and grounding practices.

LIVE SESSION: You will harmonize the elements of water, fire, air and earth within you.


Intuition and the anatomy of the soul

RECORDED SESSION: You will become aware of your intuition and how you receive information (claris) beginning to build trust in your inner guidance; light bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual) and hara line, silver, core star.

LIVE SESSION: You will do an Intuitive reading and harmonization of light bodies.


The chakras

RECORDED SESSION: You will bring your attention to the energetic vortices of your body to use as a guide for your own evolutionary path.

You will learn to use the pendulum.

LIVE SESSION: You will balance your chakras and read and harmonize the chakra of another participant.


Energetic protection

RECORDED SESSION: Ya estás listas para conocer a nivel básico/intermedio sobre la protección energética, corte de cordones, ataques psíquicos, entidades, la magia mental, polaridades, dimensiones, la autoridad interna, poder del corazón, limpieza de hogares. Práctica de defensa energética.

LIVE SESSION and sharing session


The body as a temple

RECORDED SESSION: Introduction to the body, masculine and feminine energy, creation, mystery. The importance of sexual energy and the uterus. Alchemy: Releasing blockages of sexual energy

LIVE SESSION: Body connection, self-touch, awakening of sexual energy


Sacred emotions

RECORDED SESSION: Recognizing my emotional body and the power to allow myself to be vulnerable, express and feel from a space of coherence and freedom.

LIVE SESSION: Practices to release stagnant emotions in the physical body (shadow work)


The inner child

RECORDED SESSION: What is sexuality, quantum sexuality, exchange of information when you intertwine.

LIVE SESSION: Alchemical quantum healing with the sacral area (aspects)


Quantum sexuality

RECORDED SESSION: What is sexuality, quantum sexuality, exchange of information when you intertwine.

LIVE SESSION: Alchemical quantum healing with the sacral area (aspects)


Language as creative vibration

RECORDED SESSION: The power of the word, expression, discernment for materialization. Model of communication, rapport and questioning. Alchemy of beliefs.

LIVE SESSION Share experiences


Connecting your multidimensionality

RECORDED SESSION: Integrating all your aspects and dimensions. The inner sacred marriage between feminine and masculine energy, the phoenix and the dragon, the cosmos and Gaia.

LIVE SESSION: Giving voice to each dimension (quantum alchemical constellation - aspects)


Creator of your universe

RECORDED SESSION: The vibrational attraction of the manifest holographic world. Recognition as co-creator and responsible. Accept and flow.

LIVE SESSIONCreating my reality thru alchemy and visualization

These BONUSES will add to your process



You will learn about programming your beliefs, emotional intelligence, archetypes, inner child healing and an intro to meditation 



MEMBERSHIP: 12 Months of free membership - I AM ALIVE Congress

You will have access to the summit I AM ALIVE



SUPPORT AND COMMUNITY: Support and accompaniment for 3 months

In addition to the 12 weeks, the vortex is still open for another 3 months! The group will continue to be active, where the tribe will be sharing their experiences and providing support; and we will also have a monthly meeting.


What is inside of this
complete experience?



This is an advanced, comprehensive and powerful program, in which from week 1, you will already be working with quantum energy and with your alchemical capacity.

12 LIVE SESSIONS (24 hours)

You'll experience first hand your inner power and alchemical capacity. I will facilitate the gatherings so that you will gain confidence.


Powerful questions and guides to deepen your self-discovery and identify your stories, learnings and wisdom.


Powerful questions and guides to deepen your self-discovery and identify your stories, learnings and wisdom.


You will enjoy of 3 additional gatherings, just for your questions about the techniques and tools you'll learn.


  1. Three (3) Additional gatherings, once per month.

  2. Access to the program SPARK

  3. Access to the Summit I AM ALIVE


You will maintain access to classes and information to share during this program.


  1. Do I deserve to invest in myself?
  2. Do I want to transform my life and make a significant and lasting change?
  3. Am I willing to play 100% in the process with openness, commitment and determination? 
  4. Am I willing to take advantage of the invitation of the Universe to transform my life?
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I am Amalai

Founder of the School of the Inner Temple, creator of the Dance of Freedom, Medicine Woman, Channeler and Facilitator of Body+Mind+Soul Liberation

I accompany awakened women to shine and illuminate from their essence, inner goddess and queen; so that they enjoy radical freedom, authenticity, success and magic.

My mission is to
activate your healer, your wisdom, and power within, so that you begin to remember your 7 biotechnologies or pillars: mind, emotions, body, sexuality, spirit, divinity and the heart; and thus, use them as gateways portals of access to your wisdom, purpose and truth, enjoying a life in harmony, joy, peace, freedom, curiosity, surprise, fluidity and sensuality.

Some of my credentials for your reference are: 

  • Coach certified by the International Coaching Federation

  • Trainer in NLP and Time Line Therapy®

  • Heartmath Certified Trainer

  • 200-Yoga Teacher Trainer

  • Akashic Records Facilitator

  • Meditation Intructor

  • Psych-K Facilitator

  • Past Life Regression Facilitator

  • Shamanic Sexuality by ISTA

  • Holistic Sexuality Student

Meet  Alicia from Chile

"I met Amalai while I was looking with a lot of restlessness to discover the real woman that is in me, without controlling without denying without masks.  Being a woman who has lived, the topics covered left me very impressed and happy. Everything made sense to me.

I managed to recognize many existing things in me and they surprised me and others that I did not know I had. Today, I have empowered myself with them.

Leaving things behind, letting go of what doesn't serve me, understanding that we are the builders of our lives and the only ones responsible for our happiness, was a great learning during our future.

The possibility of living this experience only brings benefits, learning and wisdom. Amalai's accompaniment and the group that she forms are ideal for the experience.

Thank you very much Amalai for your simplicity and the generosity of sharing your knowledge "

Alicia Denegri (Chile) - Participant of the Inner Temple Program

Who is this program for?


  • You know that you are responsible for your reality

  • You want to trust yourself and the universe more

  • You already started your awakening process

  • You want to own your own evolution and healing

  • You are willing to break structures and conditionings that are not giving you the results you want

  • You are committed to your well-being, happiness, success and fulfillment

  • You want to expand your consciousness to evolve and transform.

  • You are going to implement everything you will learn to enjoy the fullness that you long for in your life


  • You are not committed and willing to self-know the depths of your being.

  • You are not willing to play in terms other than your beliefs and mental constructs.

  • You are not open to evaluating other experiences different from your expectations.

  • You are not willing to invest in a growth and development program.

Meet  Vivi from Costa  Rica

The value of comprehensive program




Let's do this together!

We have created different options for you to join this transformational vortex.


  • 48 lessons, 12 modules (includes the meditations, alchemy and recorded practices)

  • 12 workbooks

  • 12 worksheets 

  • 12 week diary



  • Access to Chakras course


Meet  Carla and Alicia



  • Immediate access. 

  • Pre-recorded classes. A total of 48 lessons that will enhance your experience of the live sessions.

  •  Live classes. For 12 weeks we will have a live class every Thursday at 11 a.m. Costa Rica, 12 p.m. Peru/Mexico, 2 p.m. Chile, 7 p.m. Spain

  • Group Coaching. In addition to the 12 live sessions, 3 additional sessions to integrate the techniques, tools and practices

  • Integration Sessions (bonus): 3 additional sessions, once a month after the 12 weeks

  • Work guides. The 12 experiences that we will share within the vortex will have work guides that will support your process of remembering.

  • Recorded Quantum Meditations and Healings. You will have access to the meditations and Healings that are shared during the experiences so that you can follow them when you feel them.

  • Exclusive Facebook Group. You will be able to access the tribe that will support you with the medicine and element that each one brings with them.

  • Registration closes on August 8th or when the available places are filled.

Frequent questions

Is this course only for women?

No. If there is any man who wants to participate, he will be more than welcome.

Is this course for high spiritual people?

This course is for everyone!

If you are curious or have a calling or desire to delve into your intuition to new levels, then this course is for you.

If you feel like you want to establish a new relationship with your sexuality and sensuality, and explore a free life in connection with everything around you, then this course is for you.

You do not require previous experience, only the desire and commitment to navigate deeper waters of your being, to create time for yourself and to know that there is an internal compass within you that guides you.

What is the form of payment?

The payment method is online through Paypal or credit card, following the payment links. I do not receive cash payments. If you have problems completing your payment, please write to for assistance.

I prefer to make national or international bank transfer

It is possible to do it by transfer only for full payment option.

If you want to make an international transfer, contact me directly to send you the data:

What is the profile of Amalai?

The school of life led me from a very young age to venture into nurturing both sides of my brain, the logical and the creative. At the age of 3 I started with Ballet classes until I was 13 years old, which is when I was diagnosed with hogkings lymphoma, which led me to a year of chemotherapy treatments.

After this, I decided to make a change in my career selection, studying Systems Engineering instead of Medicine. During these years of study, I continue to nurture my creative side with theater and folk dance classes. After working almost 9 years at IBM in the technology area, I turn to the area of ​​transformation and continuous improvement, as a project manager to later get certified by the Project Management Institute. From then on, I began to lead transition projects and programs in Human Resources, Finance and Manufacturing at a multicultural level, traveling to different continents. I finally finished my corporate career leading a regional team of Project Managers and Process Consultants for the Americas region.

My passion has been self-knowledge and my own continuous improvement, so parallel to my professional career, I got certified by the ICF and Olacoach as an Integral Coach with the desire to improve my management and leadership skills, I am a Neuro Programming instructor -linguistics and Time Line Therapy® from the school of Tad James, Certified Heartmath Instructor, Yoga Instructor (200-YTT), Meditation Instructor by One World Academy School (India), Level 1 and 2 of Gendai Reiki Ho, Angelic Reiki Master, PSYCH-K Facilitator, Akashic Healing, Quantum Bioengineer, Shamanism and Shamanic Sexuality by the International School of Temple Arts. All these studies with the desire to find my own answers, and the connection of the different aspects of our being: Body, Sexuality, Emotions, Mind, Spirit.

I am passionate about the human being and the capacities we have to experience heaven on earth, and how we can go beyond the mental constructions we have. I consider myself an innovator as I constantly challenge existing paradigms of the human being and the spiritual experience of it.

When the live sessions and special sessions are?

The 33 lessons will be pre-recorded and the 12 experience sessions will be live on Thursdays at 11 a.m. Costa Rica, 12 p.m. Peru/Mexico, 2 p.m. Chile, 7 p.m. Spain, and the 3 integration sessions will be communicated later. In total we will be 6 months together, sharing paths.

We will start the week of August 11th, 2022

All sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the platform for people who cannot join the live ones.

When will the next opening be?

We don't have a date yet. If you want us to keep you in mind, you can write to us at

Do you have another question?

Write me at  Emails will be answered from Monday to Friday within 24-48 hours

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I want to ensure you love the content and obtain the results.  You will have 14 days after your purchase in case you are not satisfied. You can write to me and tell me your reasons, without any doubt I will return your investment.

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