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We create sacred spaces so your wisdom can emerge in freedom and authenticity.

This is a living school that invites you to return to yourself, to your inner source and the power within. This is the reason we created the method INNER TEMPLE, so you can unlock and liberate your magic.

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The TRUST YOUR MAGIC® Program helps women committed to their inner search to take a spiritual and energetic evolutionary leap, eliminating fears, excuses, blockages and the feeling of emptiness that prevent them from advancing to the next level to live at their full potential. in authenticity, coherence, joy and freedom. We achieve this through the Inner Temple Method where you will explore yourself through the pillars of your intuition, body and sexuality.

We start on August 1st!

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The SOUL MASTERY Program will further consolidate and amplify your alchemical capacity over your thoughts, emotions and encoded programs at the subconscious and unconscious level that will allow you to navigate your own quantum evolution.


The INNER TEMPLE FACILITATOR program will help you materialize and concretize your life mission and will prepare you and not only give you powerful tools but you will learn to include what you have learned or received intuitively so that you can create spaces for transformation and quantum evolution. and energetic for yourself or other people.

akashic records level 1

The Akashic Records are your soul energetic records that keeps all the cosmic information of who you are. It contains every thought, belief system, word, experience, event and emotion that you experience in this life, other realities, dimensions and lives. 

You will receive 6 group sessions and 3 mentorship private sessions.

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We start on June 27st!

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