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Now it is your opportunity go further and incorporate 12 powerful audios with easy-to-follow exercises  to awake 100% of your confidence and revolutionize your sexuality, intuition and body.  

Start listening the
 CONNECTION KIT from anywhere. 


Do  not lose the your chance!

Start today and access these powerful practices I created for you. You won't find a place where you can get all of those together for the price I am giving it to you!

Only 27 dollars!

What is inside this  experience?

Pillars Body-Sexuality-Intuition


These practices will begin to transform your life,
your perspectives, and expand your connection to all that you really are.

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I    am Amalai

Founder of the School of the Inner Temple, creator of the Dance of Freedom, Medicine Woman, Channeler and Facilitator of Body+Mind+Soul Liberation

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I accompany awakened women to shine and illuminate from the connection of their essence and inner goddess so that they enjoy radical freedom and activate their magic.

My mission is to activate the fractals within you, so that you begin to remember how to recognize and get in touch with your 5 primal intelligences: mind, emotions, body, sexuality and spirit; and thus, activate them to turn them into portals of access to your wisdom, and enjoy a life in harmony, joy, peace, freedom, curiosity, surprise, fluidity and sensuality.

In case you want to know what I have studied and credentials, here below I share some of those modalities, in several of them certified as an instructor, and if you want to know more about my studies you can go to my personal page:

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Hoy me siento más conectada con mi ser, con más seguridad aceptándome como soy. Me siento más mágica.

El mayor beneficio ha sido una mejor relación conmigo, con mi madre, con el mundo espiritual, saliendo de las limitaciones a la abundancia.

Lo que más me gustó e impactó es darme cuenta del poder esta dentro de mí.

Macarena (Spain) - Participant of the Inner Temple Program

Frequent questions

Is this Connection Kit only for women?

No. If there is any man who wants to participate, he will be more than welcome.

Is it for very elevated people?

It is for everyone!

If you are curious or have a calling or desire to delve into your intuition to new levels, then this course is for you.

If you feel like you want to establish a new relationship with your sexuality and sensuality, and explore a free life in connection with everything around you, then this course is for you.

You do not require previous experience, only the desire and commitment to navigate deeper waters of your being, to create time for yourself and to know that there is an internal compass within you that guides you.

What is the payment method?

The payment method is online through Paypal or credit card, following the payment links. I do not receive cash payments. If you have problems completing your payment, please write to for assistance.

Do you have any other question?

Write me to  Emails will be answered from Monday to Friday within 24-48 hours

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