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You are a spiritual being living a HUMAN experience; that is a Human Being.
You are meant to live heaven on earth, are you ready to start the journey your soul has been yearning for?

As a dear friend once said -  “I am a woman like you”.  And I want to say to you: I am a human being as you, on a journey together. 


You also know that having, both of us, crossing paths is not a coincidence, the universe has bought us together. 


Permit me to share a little bit about me - Amalai. 


I was born in Peru, where my childhood years were spent with my grandma and grandpa who helped me to create powerful foundations for my life purpose. I have always felt that I was a ballerina since my time in the womb dancing and singing my Divine Song; I overcame cancer during my adolescence. My mother was the provider of the family dedicated to hard work and juggling life so that I was provided with what I needed. The powerful role model of my mother became my inspiration to start my first entrepreneurship venture when I was 12 years old. 


Skipping forward, after working 21 years in the corporate world, I heard the calling of my heart and decided to start my own journey into consciousness. That is when pandora's box opened up!

Deep emotional and mental traumas arose from my life, such as: Patterns of abandonment, self-worth, low self-esteem, fear of expressing my truth, fear of facing conflict, fear of rejection, shame, guilt and invisibility stemming from my parents divorce, emerged


As my past traumas were uncovered, I began to have issues with my throat and was continually feeling ill. After throat surgery  I was unable to speak for a couple of weeks. During this time, I recognized the importance of my unique voice and the power of speaking my truth. Deep reflection reminded me of how emotions are tied to trauma and liberation into healing. It was also revealed that the Hodgkin's Lymphoma, that overcame when I was 13 years old, was also connected with the expression of my voice and with events I experienced during my childhood.


My awakened inner voice invited me to embark on a journey of self healing and self discovery, to rediscover my Divine Song. I travelled across the world from Peru to Costa Rica which became home, and then from here to Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and the United States to learn multitudes of healing modalities specifically focused on energetic healing. My own healing was my guide as I dove deep into these healing modalities that assisted  in my journey home to myself.


For the past 16 years I have dedicated my life to explore and embrace a transformational journey which resulted in the creation of Programs of Consciousness and Spirituality. These, I offer to you. Furthermore, during this journey of learning and experience, I've not only served and assisted many transformational and multicultural projects around the world, but also, in the last 5 years, guided and supported hundreds to be liberated in their inner transformational journeys


I discovered that the joy of my heart, my Divine Song.


My business qualifications are:


  • System Engineering, Peru

  • Certified Project Manager by PMI

  • Leadership Skills, Stephen Covey Academy

  • Lean Six Sigma by IBM Academy

  • Coach Certified by the International Coaching Federation


My wellbeing qualifications are:


  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Sacred Heart, Indonesia

  • Meditation Instructor - One World Academy, India

  • Heartmath Certified Trainer in Resilience Advantage, Miami

  • Neurolinguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy® Trainer by Tad James Company, Las Vega

  • Master on Angelic Reiki

  • Gendai Reiki Facilitator Level 1 & 2

  • PSYCH-K facilitator 

  • Shamanic Breathwork

  • Sexual Shamanic Studies with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts)

  • Holistic Sexuality by Modelo Santini  (in progress)

  • Shamanism, Peru

  • Akashic Healing Facilitator

  • Source Channeller

  • Quantum Bioengineering


All of these have inspired and equipped me to be the person who I am today.


I have experienced an immense shift in my physical, mental and emotional body. My health improved, my relationships healed, most importantly the relationship with myself, so I am able to share this first hand experience to help you. I am in awe of the power within all of us to change and become who we are destined to become. A human being living and experiencing the fullness and magic of this great universal and benevolent gift called - life!


I feel alive, powerful, sovereign and delicious. I laugh and I cry. I am able to accept and embrace all parts of myself, accepting that I am whole. 


Would you like to experience that?


Now, please let's be realistic and stop thinking that everything is going to be fairies and unicorns. Life keeps going, and as the pendulum tilts from one extreme to the other, passing through a full spectrum, so we do. The difference is this: when you connected back with your divine essence, you start realizing that your divine state is harmony, and as the pendulum, you are meant to return always to your center.  Also, you start recognizing the gift from every situation, the silver light it brings with it.  Life, Source, the Universe holds us benevolently like a loving Mother.


So let's keep our feet on earth and let's keep ourselves grounded. The REAL gift you'll receive when you go inwards, when you decide to pursue your self-mastery is: LIBERATION, FREEDOM, ALIVENESS, is being your TRUEST SELF.


It would be my privilege and honour to serve and assist you on your journey and to keep a sacred space so your wisdom within your heart can be awakened, strengthened and expanded. 

My mission is to bring joy to the world, by helping you to step into your infinite and eternal power and know the divine light that you are.


Thank you for taking the time to read my story and gift to you.


I see you, I feel you, and I love you. Namasté.





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