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Amalai means I AM LIFE 

I am the creator of the Magic of the Inner Temple, founder of Escuela Amalai, that liberates the expansion of consciousness for the new humanity.


Amalai mentors world change-makers, entrepreneurs, leaders and light workers to liberate their divine blueprint and soul gifts with confidence, and inner-authority so that they enjoy a life in freedom,  fulfillment and satisfaction.

My mission is to create sacred spaces of alchemy and expansion where the wisdom within, the insights and the clarity manifest in your daily life for you to flourish, expand and evolve. 

It will be an honor to accompany you in your self-discovery, self-evolution and self-mastery journey!



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OUR mission & VISION

Amalai's mission is to activate the frequency of harmony, freedom and love by living an authentic heart-centered life.  


Escuela Amalai's mission is to enable the expansion of consciousness for the new heart-centered humanity. 


My vision is to inspire 1 million souls to be the lighthouse they are meant to be by becoming their highest self, so that they can embody and be the expression of love, abundance and joy.


Sexual Shamanic Studies with ISTA (International School of Temple Arts)

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, Sacred Heart, Indonesia

Shamanic Breathwork

Holistic Sexuality by Modelo Santini  (in progress)

Coach Certified by the International Coaching Federation

Meditation Instructor - One World Academy, India

NLP Neurolinguistic Programming Trainer by Tad James Company, Las Vegas

Heartmath Certified Trainer in Resilience Advantage, Miami

Master on Angelic Reiki

PSYCH-K facilitator 

Time Line Therapy® Trainer by Tad James Company, Las Vegas

Akashic Healing Facilitator

Source Channelling

Shamanism, Cuzco-Peru

Quantum Bioengineering and Dreams

Spiritual Response Technique

READ some private clients experiences:

Victoria Vines, Health Coach, TX, USA

"Working with Amalai is simply magical! She has a very loving, grounded, and safe presence. She combines humor, spirituality, and wisdom into her sessions in a way that is both eloquent and relaxed.

In relation to the issue I wanted to work on with her, I started out feeling heavy, burdened, and confused when I thought about it. By the end of the session, I felt light, happy, and excited to move forward! We used PSYCH-K® to transform the internal resistance I had to the goals I had in mind to achieve. She was patient and loving with me when some intense emotions surfaced and she gently talked me through exactly what to do to get to the other side of them. We talked about an action plan as well so now I have some easy, attainable steps that I can take to reach my goals in a reasonable amount of time. I highly recommend working with Amalai!"

Martha Valderrama, Boca Raton, USA

"My Name is Martha. I spoke with Amalai and immediately felt a very special connection. 


I started my therapies and was able to heal a very painful trauma due to the death of my brother that had me completely paralyzed and with all honesty I can say that it freed me from a very deep darkness that did not allow me to live in peace.


I am very grateful to the Creator for having connected me with a being as special as Amalai. In another session,  it was surprising and very revealing. It was like getting to know myself better and notice that now I understand why the constant rejection of many and also just yesterday, my boyfriend apologized for something that happened and that had to do with something that I said that he did not understand and it was immediately after have finished the session. With all my heart I believe that Amalai is a being who came at this time to help us raise our consciousness. I hope that many can benefit from her excellent work. Thank you Amalia"


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