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Spiritual & Consciousness Evolution

 A dedicated private companionship to support your journey, to take the leap into your golden destiny and give you practical ancestral-modern tools that will activate the remembrance of your soul. 


You are not your thoughts, your emotions, your story or your assets. You are divine pure essence who is experiencing all that. 

Once you realize and embody your divine essence, then you will be eveything, but from a different space in your heart. You'll get your answers, and not from a book but from your heart.

It sounds paradoxical, right? Life is enjoying the paradox.

Permit me to share my path and my truth, so you can discover your path and your truth.


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My offerings

Akashic Records Soul Journey

Angelic Reiki

Shamanic Energy Clearing

Source Channelling


Spiritual Coaching/Mentoring

How the soul liberation journey with Amalai looks like?

Usually the first session is longer than the succeeding ones, and the reason is because it is the foundation for co-creating a path for you.  There are some souls though, that bring specific topics they want to dive in and other ones that have various and diverse items and desire to start a full long-term journey.

During this journey, there are different topics we explore, align and then activate together.

The Divine Journey Experience (the 4 E's) consist:










You'll experience a series of shifts based on the energetic transmissions that you start receiving since we start exploring.

Also, different modalities will be used, which are based on your needs. We'll follow the path with the major benefit for you. 

It could be from NLP or PSYCH-K to a full energy clearing, quantum constellation or quantum healing.

Observation of behavior changes and thought process will be consciously notice for reassuring the transformation.

This is the Continous practice of the wisdom emerged during the sessions, techniques learnt and tools acquired.


This is when deep comprehension emerge and the knowing of your essence is seal in your soul 

After integrating during the embodiment and part of the expression, you will start engaging in activities you were not engaged before.

You will experience talking your truth, being authentic in different groups you were not before, feeling comfortable in your own body and creating your own paradigm.

Vibrancy & celebration become part of your life.

A series of questions based on your theme will be explore together, such as:

Where are you at?

What your heart desires?

What satisfaction level you have on the different areas your life?

What is the desired satisfaction level?

Also, we will align on language, concepts, frames, and perceptions. These will be tools for your life.


Book a 30-min call with me and let's discover if we are a match!

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