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Your destiny is to shine, to live an orgasmic life and to celebrate your aliveness. You can have it all.

My gift to you: 5-Day Free Coaching to Create Your Destiny

Receive the tools and strategies that you've been missing so that you can access your golden destiny.  


A daily access to a video and a workbook.


Proven and powerful exercises every day.


A guided visualization process to collapse your timeline to start living your destiny today!

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I am Amalai,

Founder of the Escuela Amalai,  Creator of the Dance of Freedom, Medicine Woman, bridging Spirituality and Sexuality for a full embodiment experience


Everyone is a divine child of earth and sky.  You are meant to shine brightly, enjoy radical freedom and thrive in a magical life.


Together, in the Inner Temple School, we activate your gateways to access your wisdom and to leap into a life of harmony, happiness, peace, freedom, curiosity, awe, fluidity and sensuality.  This is your Divine Song from your Inner Temple. 


If you are ready to bathe within your inner magic and reclaim your full sovereignty and authenticity, then let's chat!


Through guided meditations, alchemy, experiences, shamanic dance, self-study, clearing, and much more, we will be right there with you supporting your journey of a lifetime - full of essence remembrance, soul healing, intuitive development, embodiment and wholeness.

Amalai means "I am alive."

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Let's work together


Escuela Amalai

Are you ready to start now?

Enroll in our programs  that will transform your life, expand your consciousness and activate the inner teacher within you.

These are complete and powerful pre-recorded  masterclasses and programs that will support your journey. 

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Private Sessions


You deserve to gain back your freedom, sovereignty, power, aliveness and love; so you can remember your essence and express your authenticity fearlessly. 

If you are ready and committed to dive deep, then this is for you.

You can book for a private session below.


Live and Online Events

Learn about our live training and integrative advance programs and more for you to dive deep down and activate your inner teacher and inner healer.  

5-days free coaching - Access today

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Read what people are saying
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Carla Rodriguez, Energy Healer

“The experience I had in every course I participated has been extraordinary. It has been a great opportunity to expand my knowledge, remember and more than that, to find thru the experience what I was seeking for so long. What your heart guides you to follow and live from there has been the best that I found and cannot be described in one word.”

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Gaby Esquivel, Stress & Anxiety Coach

"The Dance of Freedom has been a gift from me to me. It has helped me to release the voice of demands, doubts and fear. It allowed me to live from joy and freedom. Each encounter was a  space of non-judgement, a space to connect with my body and soul-a space to quiet the voice of my mind."

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Carla Heilbron, Fertility Mindset Coach

"Life gave me a great gift when I met Denisse. Through her courses and her private sessions, she has guided me to amazing trips where I recognized my creative energy, cut chords, healed patterns within myself and my ancestral tree, connected with my heart and intuition which has taken me to live with a new vitality and clarity. Thank you Denisse for your caring and loving way to guide me and accompany me on this journey."

Our graduates

Angelic Reiki
Angelic Reiki

Costa Rica

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Leading from within
Leading from within

Training at Cargill

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Dance of Freedom
Dance of Freedom

Costa Rica

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Angelic Reiki
Angelic Reiki

Costa Rica

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Free resources

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Learn about your inner temple, your gifts and tips for you to enable your true self.

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