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 EMBODY YOUR SOUL-INTUITIVE GIFTS and master your quantum inner universe

I will accompany you in your journey to master the quantum energetics, activate your crystal body and enjoy the human and the spirit you are.

Let´s do it together!

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I am excited to release my co-authored book and share it with you!


" You hold the key for your evolution.

You have the  power within you. 

Your destiny is to guide other souls in their journey your as mine is to walk with you. "

I accompany heart-centered LEADERS, CHANGE MAKERS, light workers AND HEALERS in their evolutionary journey and QUANTUM leap they are about to embark.

the time is now!

You might be navigating any of these:

  • You are in an important transition in your life

  • You are ready for an adventure and get familiar with living in uncertainty

  • You are experiencing your energetic body and want guidance or mentoring

  • You are looking for mastering your quantum soul

  • You want to cultivate your intuitive gifts through mentoring

  • You want help to release old perspectives and beliefs that you know are derailing to align with your soul purpose

  • You want a guide to accompany you along your journey

If so, then it would be my honor to accompany you in this journey of self-mastery.  You are the one holding the key, I can help you remember your power.


my soul offerings

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1:1 Private Sessions


We lovingly work together in many areas such as: 


  • Increasing your confidence - in your talents and in your gifts

  • Expansion experiences to assist you to discover and enjoy  everything that you are meant to be

  • Mentoring to accelerate your intuitive skills

  • Healing of your lineage, past lives and inner child.

  • Curated sessions from my toolbox of gifts to serve you

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A curated 16-hour experience where you'll learn to channel from your own source.

You will learn to distinguish the source of your channelling. 

  • Day 1: Accessing the channel

  • Day 2: Meeting your channel and sources origins. Practicing YOUR channel and getting to know YOUR channel

  • Day 3: Breaking into groups and practicing channeling to other people.  Flexing your muscles.

  • Day 4: Using your channel and prophecy. Accessing the future

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connection kit


  • Tools for inner and outer connection to your full essence

  • If you have 10 minutes a day you can start implementing this and start living more vibrantly

  • Cultivate your connection with your body, sexuality and intuition

  • You'll gain vitality, joy and enjoy being yourself every morning so that you can create what you love, start seeing the world of possibilities and start connecting with your magnetic energy.

Diana Gomez,

Chemical Engineer-Sweden

"I am very grateful to the universe for putting you in my path and to myself for following my intuition, in deciding to contact you and then deciding on the course of the chakras.

It was just what I needed, and a great complement to my 1:1 private sessions with you.
Lots of valuable information and empowering tips.

One of the things that I have noticed the most doing the course, besides being more aware and present, is that I remember dreams more, and also that I manage difficult situations better."

My wish is to see you  shine unapologetically and untamed  "

I am Amalai

Founder of the Inner Temple Method.   Spirituality and Energy Teacher and Guide.  Creating sacred spaces for a full embodiment experience and expression of your essence.


Everyone is a divine child of earth and sky.  You are meant to shine brightly, enjoy radical freedom and thrive in a magical life.


Together, in the Inner Temple School, we activate your gateways to access your wisdom and to leap into a life of harmony, happiness, peace, freedom, curiosity, awe, fluidity and sensuality.  This is your Divine Song from your Inner Temple. 


If you are ready to bathe within your inner magic and reclaim your full sovereignty and authenticity, then let's chat!


Through guided meditations, alchemy, experiences, shamanic dance, self-study, clearing, and much more, we will be right there with you supporting your journey of a lifetime - full of essence remembrance, soul healing, intuitive development, embodiment and wholeness.

Read their experiences

Johana Abarca, Psicóloga

"My healing experience with the Akashic Records has been an experience that mark a before and after, because I was able to identify the root of what was draining me a lot in my life.

Amalai lovingly shared the revelation of my past live which resonated fully with me. During this session, she channeled my guides who talked to me in a way that the message reached my soul and healed it in many dimensions.

Since this experience, I feel connected with the dimension of love and peace; which translates in a more fluent communication with source that we are all part of."


Jessica Jimenez, Mixtura Co-Founder

"My healing with Past Live Regression helped me overcome my sea sickness I carried for 40 years.. 

Today, I can say that it dissapeared.  I found during the regression that I was a marine with a family who died while navigating.

Infinite thanks to Amalai to meet in this life and to help me to get to know myself beyond my physical eyes.  Thank you."

Carla Heilbron.jpeg

Carla Heilbron, Fertility Mindset Coach

"Life gave me a great gift when I met Amalai.

Through her courses and her private sessions, she has guided me to amazing trips where I recognized my creative energy, cut chords, healed patterns within myself and my ancestral tree, connected with my heart and intuition which has taken me to live with a new vitality and clarity.


Thank you Amalai for your caring and loving way to guide me and accompany me on this journey."

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You have it all within you and you can have it all!